Chord SPM 3005 Five Channel Amplifiers

Product Description

SPM 3005 multichannel power amplifier
The Chord SPM 3005 power amplifier is the latest edition to our multi-channel range. This unit is by far the largest and most powerful multi-channel amplifier we have built to date which hosts 1 of our new 4kw power supplies (used in SPM12000). It includes all new styling features, with an impressive 15mm front plate and top plate, including the internal illumination effect.

The amplifier is based on Chords original and well-received SPM1900, however with far more power than a moderate 120watts and twice the size. With two back connector panels sharing ten gold plated WBT connections, five single-ended and five balanced inputs and with an internal Crestron device. It really is an ideal amplifier for any 5:1 home cinema set up, as well as the perfect partner for our DSP8000.

Supplied with 8 leg Integra as standard.

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