About Us

This is about the boy who had a dream.

In his audiophile mind, all sounds converged harmoniously and became alive…music was the oxygen that allowed sound to be one with the boy’s mind. There was no formal sound education, no diplomas displayed on any walls for his young age hadn’t taken him through the venues that land someone a degree…in fact all the walls and obstacles had been knocked out to permeate the hi-fi breathing sound. There were no limitations in his dreams: just perfect sounds.

It all became a reality when he built his first speaker from scratch. Suddenly, the concept of harmony had taken shape within the perfect wooden box, which further fueled his passion. Through the years, he taught himself to combine the ideal ingredients with the proper characteristics to create a masterpiece to satisfy his ears. It was about reaching the depths of his soul through the balanced mix of components and the sound that plucked the fibers of his inner self.

This passion followed him to his grown years, and it became a business endeavor where he can share his knowledge to create media and sound rooms for his clients’ homes who are yearning to achieve the best sound at different price levels without sacrificing quality.

At AUDIO STUDIO we carry the best brands in the industry at all price ranges to allow the eclectic audiophile enthusiast in you, to experiment the benefits of harmony and sound in the comfort of your own homes, and fill the air with the music that rejoices your soul and clears your mind through soothing entertainment.

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