Beyer Dynamic – MMX 300 Premium gaming/multimedia headset

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Product Description

In the heat of battle, what you hear can make the difference between life and death. Don’t trust your gaming experience to any other audio product when it comes to performance, sound and comfort – trust the MMX 300.

  • Premium headset with carbon fibre look
  • Cockpit-tested audio components with impressive Hi-Fi quality reproduction
  • Closed-back design headphones
  • Excellent ambient noise attenuation (18 dBA)
  • Ergonomically-designed for superior comfort
  • Professional, noise-compensating condenser microphone for clear and precise voice quality
  • Robust steel headband construction with soft, replaceable ear and head cushions
  • Supplied with carrying case
  • “Made in Germany” with 5 years manufacturers warranty
  • The MMX 300 is a high quality professional headset derived from the private aviation-oriented HS-Series, which have been perfected for use in noisy cockpits. Adapted to the special requirements of extended gaming sessions, the MMX 300 utilises it’s aviation roots to great effect. Featuring a flexible headband construction and soft circumaural ear pads, the MMX 300 has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance, whether they be used at home or on the road, for gaming or for hi-fi use.

    “Extremely detailed, balanced sound with powerful, precise bass, excellent spatial localization” (c’t)

    “The envy of colleagues should be certain, because beyerdynamic’s gem killed pretty much everything acoustic-wise in the headset market.” (Player)

    “The craftsmanship of the MMX 300 is the best in the test” “The voice quality is excellent,” “clear treble, combined with very rich bass” (Hardwareluxx)

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