Grado – iGrado Headphones

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Product Description

Grado’ street style headphone is designed specifically for the portable electronics market. Its goal is to serve as a street style headphone that will sonically outperform anything currently available in the low-end portable market.The ‘iGrado’ is functionally stylish, lightweight and comfortable. By incorporating the same drivers used in Grado’s highly regarded SR60 headphones, Grado Labs can proudly state that it is indeed ‘the high end choice in the low end market.’ The ‘iGrado’ features a behind the neck headband that is comfortable and stylish. Grado Labs have indeed kept the highly praised Grado ‘sound’ at a price point that is within reach of all. Truly, this is musical reality for the iWorld!

  • Over the ear and behind the head street-style design
  • Lightweight open-air technology
  • Soft, virtually weightless foam ear cups
  • Brands
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